Картинки йоты и наруто - фильм типа 50 первых поцелуев

Remembering the past, Yota was being held by the ANBU for questioning, the ANBU sensing something wrong with Yota. Naruto acts a decoy for Shikamaru. May 16, 2013 Naruto Shippuden 313 boils up another worthless filler episode, and guess what, I personally hate the guts out of whats currently happening. Image hunting takes time. Please request credit additions here. Constructive criticism is fine. Blatant negativity, insulting, spamming, trolling, slandering.

Roll over image to zoom in Ghan (okay at best), and the 2 part Yota Versus Ino , Shikamaru, and Choji, Yota Versus Sakura, Yota Versus Kiba and Akamaru. 6 дек 2015 Йота — наивный и беспечный мальчик, любящий повеселиться. Наруто. Через некоторое время, Йоту забирают Анбу Конохи, и.

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